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I started modeling in 2016.

my favorite tattoo is the one I am finishing on my arm. Depicts my warrior version.
I am very fond of this tattoo because it means a lot to me.
I've had some bad times in my life, but I've fought and always stood up as a warrior.

the most exciting place where i took pictures? many actually. I remember in particular a deconsecrated and abandoned church inside an asylum where I was tied over the altar (shibari). above me some lighted candles had been placed so I had to be careful to breathe so as not to let them fall and burn me.I represented the sacrifice and next to me two other girls tied up represented the angels. I was naked in this very cold church, tied up, with candles and the fear that someone would enter since it is a known and frequented place.

my favorite style of photos? it is a good question because I am a great quick-change artist, with a thousand sides and constantly evolving so I love many different styles. glamor, fashion, sensual, fetish ... I like almost all of them.

out of the model world i am a creative girl. I like to do everything that allows me to create, for example making costumes for shows, drawing, writing, cooking etc. etc.
and as I just mentioned I'm a performer. I do burlesque style shows, sensual fetish and with fire. as you may have understood, describing me in a few lines is impossible. and when you have finished, I will have added something because I never stop and I am never satisfied.




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