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I started shooting to be a model in early May 2020, so only 1 month, almost 2, but I had the opportunity to be contacted by various photographers who helped me a lot and gave me great advice.
My favorite tattoo is the A with the semicolon on my wrist, because it reminds me of a dear friend I lost a year ago, the semicolon was a tattoo he wanted to do, for having overcome a very difficult period of his life, Remind me to go on and be strong and that he will always be with me.
at the time I had only a real photo shoot inside an apartment here in Turin.
as a type of photo I really love glamour, I love shooting in lingerie and I am open to many other experiences and types of shots, even something more cute, romantic or erotic.
Besides being a model I love to draw, I started as a child and I never stopped. I also love playing video games and listening and creating music with my boyfriend who is a musician.
Unfortunately I have not been published in any magazine until now, but I really hope to be able to collaborate with many magazines and grow both as a model and as a person.



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