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1. I got into modelling kind of by accident. A friend of mine is a photographer and we shot a few times together. It all just kind of took off from there 2. My favourite tattoo at the moment is definitely my pikachu tattoo on my ankle. It’s been my favourite Pokémon since I was younger, plus it glows under black light so that’s pretty cool. 3. My most memorable Photoshoot was with G from Bad Girl Photography. I had no idea what I was doing and got 2 magazine features from it. Which was a huge accomplishment 4. Being a tattooed model is all about the freedom to express yourself creatively without all the rules and expectations that come with more mainstream modelling. 5. My favourite artist is hands down Zei Llamas. He’s been a friend for a while and he’s done most of my tattoos actually. 6. My tattoos are definitely a reflection of me. I’ve got pieces of my favourite characters from different things growing up, my favourite animals, zodiac sign, Angel numbers. I think tattoos really tell a lot about a person and their personality


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