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I’ve committed to modelling since the beginning of summer 2021, I never thought I would be good enough but that made me chance my mind when I saw Benicia’s photo set of me so I thought maybe is would get more into it and I pretty like it to be honest. First I posed a couple times for a friend when I was way younger and stuff but nothing to serious.

My favourite tattoo is a hard one. The ones that mean the most to me are my dogs but they’re not finished yet. Maybe if I had to choose the prettiest ones I would choose my hands, and my back that’s in progress at the moment.

The most exiting is probably the shoot for provocateur shop. And also with Benicia, that was the first time I was like damn maybe I’m pretty good at this.

My favourite style is boudoir and some kink things with latex of pvc materials.

My hobbies are my animals, I have a couple of dogs, cats, some turtles and a chicken. Also I love plants, I have a hole exotic plant collection!


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