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How long have you been modelling? For a total of 7 years on and off.

> What is your favourite tattoo, where is it on your body? And what is it's meaning to you? The vampire skull over my hip/leg. I sat for 8.5 hours with only one 15min break. It reminds me of the strength and willpower in me.. also, it kinda took me from basic to badass in one sitting 😂

> Tell us about the most exciting place you have shot in? For me, I was photographed a few years ago for a famous artist to us in his painting. The piece was sold at auction to a private buyer

> What is your favourite style of shoot : Im a petrolhead.... anything that involves motorcycles or cars are totally my thing and I can be found draped over

> What are your hobbies outside of the modelling industry? Im a fitness instructor but outside of this I can usually be found at a metal gig or around cars & motorcycles or eating fire. I also perform burlesque so showgirl life is my love.


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