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How long have you been modelling? On and off for the past 5 years. 


What is your favourite tattoo, where is it on your body? And what is it's meaning to you?

My new snake sleeve on my right arm that I recently got by this amazing dude called Kadek. Snakes are a symbol of power and I've been through a lot these past two years, my new snake is a testament to that as I sat for 3 days in a row to finish it! Tough sit but I spent that time reflecting on my life and what's ahead. 


Tell us about the most exciting place you have shot in? 

We have this lush amazing whiskey bar called "Smoke and Oak" in my local town, they let us shoot there and even made me a cocktail! They were really open minded and have since let a few other models have shoots there! 


What is your favourite style of shoot? Example:( Boudoir, Glamour…etc.  ) 

I love boudoir and venture into Glamour but often my love for pretty lingerie wins and photoshoots have often been organised around the lingerie set!


What are your hobbies outside of the modelling industry? 

Travelling, Yoga, dancing! But working full time as an emergency nurse doesn't leave me much time for all of the above! 


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