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I have been modelling for just about 3 years now! I love being in front of the camera so I thought that becoming a model would be pretty transferable 😋

My favourite tattoo is on my ribs. It’s a song bird that has my daughters name under it. It was my very first tattoo but has so much love behind it. My daughters name is Aryia which is a type of orchestra (aria) hence the song bird. The music notes in its wings are the notes from the song she was born to. Sam smiths stay with me; coincidentally I was in love with this song at the time.

The most exciting place I’ve shot in was lundbrek falls and also shooting for my magazine publications. It has been something of that from the movies.

My favourite style of shooting is literally anything. I love all styles of photography and appreciate each of their types of art. Although most of the shooting I have done is budoir esq.

My hobbies outside of modeling include but are not limited to, gaming, baking, working out, being a mom (human and dog), a loving girlfriend, and exploring nature.



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