Emerald Photography







My favourite tattoo and most meaningful tattoo that I have on my body is 3 interlinked hearts on  my wrist. It’s actually the smallest tattoo that I’ve got but it’s matching with my mum. I’m an only child so the hearts stand for me and my mother and father. I also have it on matching necklace

My hobbies include: pole and exotic dance, pole fitness and contortion. I also enjoy yoga, Pilates and just general fitness.
Music and live music, I listen and enjoy pretty much everything and  I love seeing artists live and just the atmosphere of being at a live music gig.I have only had two photo shoots as lockdown has stopped anymore happening atm. One was at my local pole studio and the other was in a eccentric but old house in Edinburgh.I would love to do an outside shoot though, preferably in water, like a river through the woods or a beach shoot.