I've been modelling since August 2021, so still a new to all this, but so far doing really well and loving it!
Favourite tattoo is definitely my face tattoo, technically 2, a rose and a moon. Getting my face tattoo was a massive F you to all the people who judged me for how I looked or made stupid comments about tattoos ruining my career!
Most exciting shoot was in an abandoned warehouse....doesn't sound interesting, but we used smoke bombs. Next thing we know, 2 fire engines turned up and police as someone reported us for arson 🙃 it wasn't private property and we were allowed there so got no warning 😂 also done a witch shoot in Burley, New Forest, that's beautiful!
My favourite style is definitely boudoir, I like to leave a little bit to the imagination!
Hobbies outside modelling include spending time with my family (I'm a mother to 2 daughter's), I'm a thrill seeker so like trying new things, getting tattooed and shopping!