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Hey there! My name is Danielle Hansen,I am a published alternative model who shoots various styles like boudoir, topless, implied nude, nude and fashion. I am a very open minded person and that also comes to art and my modelling. I am basically open to any form of modelling. I feel beautiful when I am making art and also making others happy In the creative process. I am based in Dixon,Illinois about an hour from Chicago.I am 31 years young and am just getting started showing my body confident self and coming out of my shell and I have never felt more youthful! I am a free spirit and will not be afraid to show my blooming confidence about my body and intelligence and to hopefully encourage others.I am a photographer and I see beauty in everything. I’m currently a Suicidegirl hopeful with many sets coming out. I’ve been called a peace maker and a pixie or a fairy with blue hair! Tattoo obsessed and an advocate for any disabilities but specifically silent disabilities both mental and physical. I had brain surgery and get bad headaches but I power through the pain and you would never know unless I speak out about it. I’m very friendly and basically get along with everyone. Art is my passion whether I use my body or take photos. Big movie buff and nerd specifically marvel. I love to travel and see the beauty the earth has to offer. Women empowerment is another cause I believe in and believing in confidence in your own skin does not downgrade you as a person. I believe in believing in yourself and the skin the beauty and brains you were born with and you can get anywhere you want to be!



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