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I’ve been modelling for over 5 years now.
My favourite tattoo is probably paintbrushes with flowers that’s underneath my boobs. It is the first big tattoo that I had done. The design was created by myself which symbolises my passion for art and love towards nature.
I’ve done lots of shoots that are very memorable 💕 one of them was an editorial shoot with my cat, I’ve done shoot where I was lifted up on a rope tightened to a tree that lifted me up giving an illusion of a levitation after editing. I’ve organised two photography events with different models and photographers so that’s really memorable too ☺️
I love shooting high fashion, street fashion and lingerie
Outside of the modelling industry I love creating art, specifically abstract paintings ( I have a bachelors degree in Fine Art). I love to read and be around animals. I really like gardening too and I’m really into astrology, crystals and all witchy stuff.



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