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I’ve been modelling for about 1 year and a half

My Medusa tattoo on my right thigh. I love Greek mythology and I’ve always been fascinated by Medusa’s story: so powerful yet so fragile at the same time because of her curse.

Not sure if it was the most exciting, surely the scariest! I was in the middle of a forest in Wolverhampton- at night! Artistic director and photographer had all the equipment LED lights etc, but it was so spooky. There were all sorts of noises and outside out little circle of light it was completely dark!

I must say that I particularly love latex and I’m trying to get to do more of that kind of shootings. I have experience in different styles though
I am quite crafty, I love to make body products and toiletries. I had an online shop till covid stripped me from my sense of smell! I really couldn’t prepare fragrances etc. Aiming at getting back to that!
I also paint but haven’t showed any of my creations yet!



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