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1. I have been modelling i guess since i was 18 as Thats when i started my OF page, but i only really properly started shooting with photographers in 2022 .

2. I love all my tattoos but my favourite tattoo is my butterfly on my Sternum because my lovely friend coral designed and tattooed it for me and it was a lovely experience and butterflies symbolise growth and freedom which i think everyone can be a fan of , also its my boyfriends favourite one too . 

3. The most exciting place I’ve shot in , was definitely going to Greece this year with a group of amazing creators we all had an amazing time and were in a really cute quiet village with a gorgeous view of the mountains and lots of cats which made the trip. 

4. Personally I don’t really have a style i just appreciate all kinds of styles and im still learning what works best for me but im always up for the fun options. 

5. My hobbies include, everything and nothing all at once. I like 

Being outdoors and around nature and pretty views, but Im also a massive home girl and will be found at home pole dancing in my room or watching TikTok’s , playing games (Mario kart , Minecraft , gta). eating ramen , i like to study neuroscience and quantum physics and then the list of various different hobbies that i have fixated on for a week and then forgotten about that are all still in cycle ( painting, drawing, clay ? Cross-stitch and many more) 


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