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My name is Fatima aka Baby Brooks! I'm 27 years old and i'm based in Milan.
I'm an alternative model and i'm the baddest good girl there ever was.
On my body I have many tattoos, both black and white and colored. All of them have a very specific meaning and their own stress, but none of them in particular is my favorite because they are all and none are less important to me than the other.
I started posing in 2016, so for over 5 years old. I've shot almost all styles of photography, from fashion to nude, and flexible to try new projects if the person is professional, but I don't favor soft porn ones.
I think the most exciting place I shot was in Teneriffe. Unfortunately it was after the quarantine where they had unlocked everything but this is precisely what made it more exciting. I had left in a new and unknown place after a year of quarantine. I could finally start posing again and doing it in a new place was the most exciting and rewarding idea I could do. I have visited and met new people, spent some wonderful days, working and not, learned new things and passed from a bad period to a new beginning experience that started because blocked by the whole situation of the period.
Many, when I talk about my work, believe that I am a stupid model or a whole series of prejudices. But outside of social media and modeling as well as fashion and photography, which otherwise would not have led me to choose to work in this field, I love music, singing, drawing, art in all forms, video games and everything. what is technological (in fact I study computer), I love anime and TV series, psychology and deepen all kinds of knowledge but I also love smoking which in my opinion makes me more creative.
I love to travel too and willing to do for you if interested in collaborating together.

I am featured in multiple calendars, ads, and websites.


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