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I have just started modelling in the summertime and I fell in love with it so only 6 months now.
  My favourite tattoo would probably be the one I have on my right wrist it is an ambigram the way I look at it, it says disaster and if people look at it the other way they see beautiful; beautiful disaster. The meaning to me is pretty much simple; means everyone looks at me like I’m beautiful but they don’t see that I’m a disaster on the inside, meaning you never know what someone’s going through.

Since I’m still new to this I haven’t shot in much exciting places but the studio “Toronto Neon Demon Studio” I found it very exciting and different and there were so many concepts to do different shoots and varieties that you were always excited with every bit of this place. So many different neon signs and you could change your own lighting to create the perfect set, it was just amazing!

My favourite type of style to shoot would have to be boudoir, I just find it such a beautiful style of art and I love that more and more women are accepting their bodies and it’s becoming more common.  Every woman is beautiful in their own way and their needs to be more women rooting on women, fixing each others crowns. So my favourite is def boudoir I find myself very confident when shooting this style.

My hobbies outside of modelling is spending time with family when I can, hanging with friends and shopping.



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