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How long have I been modeling for?
Honestly I have only some small projects with friends for photography projects and I did a fashion show in high school. I tried getting with agencies but never any luck. So I started to freelance and now I have build a portfolio. I am trying to get my name out there as model now. I have only really modeled for photography students and friends.

My favourite tattoo I think would be my micky mouse on my wrist because it was a tattoo for my brother he’s autistic and loves Disney. So I did the Mickey Mouse with the autism puzzles in his ears and then I got his name written under in cursive.

The most exciting place I’ve shooted at  I would say was by the water here in Sarnia. There was a little private beach and in the pathway there was creek there so we took pictures in flower beds and in the water and by sand dooms.

My favourite shoot I would say would be beach boudoir. I did a really fun water boudoir photo shoot this year and Sarnia by the cove. It was a blast!

My hobbies outside of modeling would be boxing, body building and pole, Lyra hoop , stilts ans probably every dance classes out there. I also like to do vendor shows in my spare time because I am a certified cosmetologist. I love volunteering at events whether it’s at my church or serving at the shelter or catering for funerals and weddings.



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