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I've been focusing on my modeling for about two years now, but if I'm being totally honest I used to model as a kid as well. The past 2 years are just more recent creative content that I'm very happy with and think this will be a nice way to help get exposure.

My favorite tattoo is my pizza slice just because people are always so curious as to why I got it. I just wanted to be original because a lot of girls have butt tattoos so I wanted it to stand out lol my best friend has the rest of the pizza missing a slice so it's very special to me as well

I havent had the chance to travel to too many exciting spots to shoot in, but I'd have to say the most fun was getting to jump off some really high rocks into the lake when shooting at Steep Rock MB.

My favorite thing about shooting is getting to use taking photos as a creative outlet. So I really enjoy putting effort into fun costumes and looks so I guess my favorite style to shoot would be artistic boudoir.

My hobbies include smoking weed and eating munchies but I'm not sure that's the right answer LOL probably spending time outdoors with my dogs and crafting


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