I’ve been modeling off & on since 2013!
2. Hm, my favoUrite is my knee tattoo. It’s a snake eating itself, otherwise known as ouroboros. To me it means what goes around comes back around. My actions will always have consequences, negative & positive, and the actions of others always have a consequence as well. Let karma work itself out 💛
3. The most exciting place I’ve shot was in either Malibu beach at sunrise or at this amazing mansion + 13 Mag Tattoo in Sacramento  during a shootfest to promote the tattoo shop!
4. My favorite style to shoot is pinup! I’ve only done it once but I’d love to do more. Boudoir & lifestyle are my usual shooting styles.
5. Outside of modeling, I enjoy gardening, spending time with loved ones and going on adventures when I have the time.