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I've been modelling for 18 months now and loved every minute!
my favourite tattoo is my butterfly with swirls and stars on my right thigh, butterflys mean a lot to me, whenever I have lost a loved one, for some strange reason I always end up finding a red admiral butterfly in my house the next day, I guess it's my family's way of saying they're always there, happens every time, for that reason I have a lot of butterfly tattoos 🖤
The most exciting place I have ever shot was in fountains Abbey, I love the outdoors and exoloring ruins and places of historic value are fascinating.

Its hard to pick one favourite style of shoot I love a wide variety, but I love pinup and glamour the most.

My hobbies outside of modelling are makeup, special Effects makeup, I enjoy tattooing, I'm also a nail artist, and I'm a massive car enthusiast, well I love anything with an engine really.



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