My interview: https://www.mondospettacolo.com/la-cristina-sono-un-artista-poliedrica/



How long have you been modelling? : I model when I want to do it, I'm not by profession

What is your favourite tattoo, where is it on your body? And what is it's meaning to you? : My favorite tattoo? difficult to answer, they all have a great meaning to me, they tell my life

Tell us about the most exciting place you have shot in? I think it can be very exciting to do a shooting in my home

What is your favourite style of shoot? Example:( Boudoir, Glamour…etc.  ) : My favorite shoot is ... the selfie!

What are your hobbies outside of the modelling industry? : I have been a youtuber for several years, I am a social media manager, an instagrammer, a cam girl and I create softporn and fetish videos on demand




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