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I’ve been modelling on and off since 2014.

My favourite tattoo is my leg piece. It has a lot of different artistic images in it. Think of it as a giant colour it in tattoo. There’s a cobra, wolf, bats, revolver and interesting shapes and designs. You might even see a ghost..
I love wolves and I always will but I’m not plain and simple. I’m complex. My tattoos have stories behind them and you’d be lucky to find out what they are!

The most exciting place I’ve had a photo shoot was in San Diego, CA. It happened to be an old dusty abandoned house/barn and it was awesome! I felt 100% like myself. It was so much fun for me. (Even wearing crazy high heels with a place that doesn’t actually have a floor.. I’d say it was pretty interesting). Another one I had done wasn’t an interesting place but rather I had INTERESTING company... a tarantula and Burmese Python! P.S. I’m afraid of spiders... (:

My favorite type of shoot is either boudoir or costumes! I think it’s really fun to get into a different mindset and really play the character.

Believe it or not since quarantine started I found a ton more hobbies!
I’m all about enjoying ME time! Bubbles baths, face masks, mani/ pedicures. Listening to music loud! I call it music therapy!
When it’s nice out, I like to hangout in the hammock I have in my back yard, it’s peaceful. I love seeing my dogs too; they have more energy than I ever do! I can get pretty crafty too! If getting tattoos was a hobby, that would definitely be on my list too!



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