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 I’ve always loved art and tattoos and after getting into modelling that was my niche.

I love the naked girl on my upper thigh as it’s sexy and seductive and i feel like that represents me and my modeling career.

I have a couple memorable shoots, one was a bondage shoot with chains and tape where we created some kinky looking shots which were really fun! And another was a bikini shoot which I found hard to focus on because of an uninvited audience of dog walkers.

I love expressing my personality through modelling, I love trying out different styles and I’m always excited to see how they’re going to look!

Kat Von D, was always my favourite celebrity tattoo artist. I love her personality and confidence. And of course, my personal tattooist!

I feel my tattoos are dainty, pretty and sexy all in one. I love black and white tattoos, they’re my favourite! And I love a tattoo which contours the body. I believe this is an expression of my taste in tattoo form. My tattoos are a mixture of a naked women, portraits, mandala, pattered work, flowers and butterflies. I feel like they’re sexy, pretty, complex and free flying.



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