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My names Lil I’ve been modelling for just under 2 years now, doing mostly studio shoots.
I’d have to say my favourite tattoo on my body is probably either my chest as it’s such a bright, in your face piece or the ivy lining under the left side of my jaw as it frames my face nicely. They don’t necessarily have any particular meanings apart from helping me feel more like myself and happier in my skin.
As I said I’ve mostly done studio shoots so the most exciting place I’ve shot in would have to be at the top of a multi-storey car park in the freezing cold of winter trying not to chew my hair, one of my first shoots.
My favourite style of shoot has got to be boudoir or fetish as I love the empowering feeling it can give you but I’m up for shooting most things.
My hobbies outside of the modelling industry include creating and selling art commissions as I used to be in the body modification/tattoo industry. I also enjoy creating content and seeing people close to me.



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