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So my name is Melinda, i am 29 yo. I am from Hungary and I started modeling in Europe when i was 16 years old! I lived in many countries and eventually I ended up in the US where i live since 2017.


My favourite tattoo .. thats a tough choice but maybe the dopamine’s chemical formula on my tigh, and because it represents happiness and i always just try to be happy and i think people should focus more on happiness and less on other less important things.


The best place i have ever shot at is Ibiza, where I lived for 3 years before I moved to the US. Ibiza is my favourite place on Earth .


I like to shoot fashion, however i shoot a lot more glamour / boudoir, I would love to have more fashion jobs.


I love arts, i love to create anything beautiful, i love to dance, i love nature and outdoors, i love camping and sleep outside under the stars. I am a gypsy and a World traveler. I been to 39 countries so far and i am planning on visiting at least 61 more :)


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