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I got into modelling in 2020 for a confidence boost and as a form of self expression. I immediately fell in love and it made me a whole new person. I've been doing it ever since

My favourite tattoo would have to be the mermaid trapped in a net on my leg. It symbolises freedom and it means a lot to me. Plus it just makes sense because I'm a pisces!


Every modelling gig is memorable to me. I just love meeting new people and other creatives to bounce ideas off of and create art with


I enjoy all the intricate details that go into modelling. Like how the shape you create/lighting/set can completely change the vibe of the shoot and the end result.


I believe all tattoo artists are incredibly talented in their own way. Just depends on what you're into and what style you're looking for!


My tattoos are very spiritual and have a lot to do with self empowerment, growth and overcoming challenges.


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