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I have been modeling for about a year. 

My favorite tattoo....very difficult to pick a favorite because I love every piece that I have and they are all symbolic for different reasons.  But the most meaningful, would be the name of my daughter, who I lost before I ever got to see her beautiful face, written in Latin over my heart.   It is in my own handwriting, and the day it was inked on me was a turning point in my life.   It is a reminder to me to enjoy every bit of life that I can, fight hard for what is important to me, and to never give up.  Every year on her anniversary she is celebrated with fresh ink and a Thank You for making me who I am.

The most exciting place for me to shoot in is my favorite abandoned factory.  It is filled with beautiful graffiti and always changing.  Every time I go it's a fun adventure finding new creations! 

I enjoy many styles,  but my favorites would be boudoir, topless/nude, and the darker side of boudoir.   I love the sensual vibes from these styles, and of course showcasing my ink. 

When I am not modeling, which is every chance that I get, you will most likely find me behind the camera.  I am a photographer, as well as an editor, writer, and muse (@thevirtualsalonmagazine)
I enjoy gardening and have a house full of plants.  I am always down for an outdoor adventure.  I am a dog mom of 3.



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