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I’ve been modelling for 4 years this December 😀

My favourite tattoo would have to be my Disney mash up one on my left Calf, which includes some of my favourite characters but mostly it’s a tribute to Robin Williams (the Genie)
I got Disney Peter Pan in there too as a little tribute to him in Hook 🪝🥰
Pretty much just love alllll the Disney classics, but this one is extra special because Robin was such a wonderful soul, no one could’ve voiced the Genie like him!

The most exciting place I’ve shot in would have to be Bali - august 2022 🥹 which was just the most incredible experience ever!!!! I cannot believe how lucky I am to have been invited along by the wonderful @Donnydave. I’ll cherish that trip forever!!!!

My favourite style of shoot would have to be Lingerie! & I love shooting it outside! Maybe more than indoors 😃 I recently did one in London; on Westminster Bridge which was just so much fun!! And the images are some of my favourites ever! I also really love my Halloween shoots; they’re often lingerie based too… with a spooky twist of course 😁

My main hobby outside of the modelling industry is definitely Wildlife Photography, I absolutely adore animals of all kinds and my goal is to travel the world, photographing all the wonderful creatures I can find, and modelling along the way ☺️ @wildlifephotographerwhomodels is my Insta photography account.
I also really enjoy going to concerts and seeing my favourite bands performing live.


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