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I've begin modeling when I was 18. I've partecipate to a lot of amazing Art projects and Some of my work made it to art Show and Museums in Italy. I moved to Canada in 2014 and I've stopped few years to focus on my careers and in 2018 I've decided to come back. I've also permormed in movies and music videos.
I Love all my tattoos of course!!! But my new skin it's not done yet!!!
I definitely love my right arm sleeve, it represents my absolute love for the ocean and also my personality... An a Ying and Yang scene.
Shoting in Toronto has been a great experience, I had the chance to work in few amazing places like the Neon Demon studio and the Underpass Skatepark.
I love to pose as bondage Model.
I'm very eclectic and I love to transform, I've always been open to all kinds of art projects that regards photography. I've posed for a wedding dresses company as well and I thought was amazing.
I like Boudoir, Artistic Nude, Glamour and experimental photography.
I've never wanted to separate fun from work, since I was a child. I wanted to live a full Life with no regrets... So I think I did it.
I'm a Stripper since 11 years and a Tattoo Artist. These are definitely my passions and my life rotate all around ART. I'm really active, so I love all kinds of outdoor adventures and I often Travel.
I collect kawaii stuff, I'm a Nerd for anime and Manga.



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