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How long have you been modelling? 
About 8 years now

What is your favourite tattoo, where is it on your body? And what is it's meaning to you?
I have a monster on my arm that was drawn by an artist to show what anxiety would look like as a creature. It's a symbol of my ongoing struggle with anxiety, and a reminder of my strength.

Tell us about the most exciting place you have shot in? 
In a abandoned barn, I love abandoned buildings and creepy haunted places.

What is your favourite style of shoot? Example:( Boudoir, Glamour…etc.  ) 
Boudoir has always been my favorite. I consider myself to be a boudoir model more than anything else.

What are your hobbies outside of the modelling industry? 
Taking care of animals is something I'm passionate about. I also do kickboxing



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