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I have been modeling for 2 years at a small local boutique in my hometown. But only 6months professionally online.

My favorite tattoo is definitely my Angel Wing that is located on my right forarm. Reason behind it being my favorite is because of how great and detailed it turned out. It means the world too me!

The most exciting place that I have done a photoshoot at would have to be at a county fair here in my hometown. Just because it drew alot of attention that i wasn't expecting and it made for an exciting night!

My favorite style of shoot is Boudoir hands down! But i do also enjoy brand shoots for different company's.

My hobbies other than modeling is kinda different than most lol I am a very avid hunter. I love to deer and turkey hunt and really just love to do anything that gets me outdoors! Hiking, biking, kayaking and etc...


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