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I first started modelling when I was 13 in October of 2012 - I obviously wasn’t tattooed then , my first tattoo was when I turned 18th and then in 2017 I started lingerie and adult porn modelling


My fravourite tattoo is my corpse bride tattoo from the Tim burton movie , I got this tattoo to remind myself of how I can constantly keep being strong and pull through any mental health struggles I have


 My most memorable modelling experience was the music video for Oniz , I was hired to model with snakes and do dance sequences that showed off my body in a sexy way for the video


The thing I enjoy most about being a tattooed model is being able to show that being tattooed and alternative doesn’t change how good you are of a model - it also shows how beautiful tattoos can look in all different styles and themes


My favourite tattooist is Adam from Wolfinkstudios in Exeter


 I express my true gothic alternative tastes from my horror style tattoos and through my alternative style makeup and clothing


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