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I’ve only modelled 2 times by professional photographers. Other than that, I shoot and edit my own photos. I was a video game content creator which allowed me to dabble a bit in the photo scene.

I would say my favorite tattoo is my Milan tattoo on my left forearm. I was divorced after being in toxic relationship for 17 years. In this tattoo, it shows the scene of her cutting her hair for battle and she overcame the circumstances/ challenges. That’s what I felt like it represented to me and about me. Me overcoming my circumstances.

Not really a favorite place but the only places I have had photos done professionally were in Calvert and Bryan, TX. If I had a dream destination shoot, of course it would be a beach somewhere. 

I dig any photo shoot especially boudoir shoots. They make me feel sexy, empowered and I like that confidence.

I am content creator on Twitch and Only Fans at the present time. I stream video games, mainly Call of Duty. I have streamed video games for 3 years now and now I am rebranding to a more 18+ audience.



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