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it was by chance that I decided to model. I saw playful peaches on instagram and absolutely loved her pictures then I saw the magazine Babedium had new issues coming out but I had missed the deadline but they messaged me and said they would use my photo


My favourite tattoo has to be my throat one it grabs a lot of attention and I always see people talking about it


I had some boudoir photos taken a few years ago and I was very shy for about 5 minutes then I thought I’m a bad ass bitch and loved every minute of it


I’m just starting out but I love the individuality that a tattoo gives your body tells a story.


My favourite and only tattoo artist is my good friend Dave Notley I’ve known him over 15 years now and I love going to his studio to see him and all his mates


I have a lot of different tattoos and styles which pretty much sums me up I can be girly one day and edgy the next



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