I've been modelling 7 years.
My favourite tattoo would have to be my Good Girl tattoo under neat my butt, certified GG, forever xx
I've done a lot of out bush shoots, so I'd have to say getting nude in the outback is the best feeling ♥
Boudoir always has to be my favourite kind of shoot, who doesn't love being naked!! Or well...almost haha
Outside of modelling I work in the adult industry as an online Mistress of the Mattress. Whilst also working in an adult shop, what can I say, I love the industry. In my spare time, I play video games like overwatch2, apex and other games like don't starve okami and stray, I adore making cosplay costumes, getting into a character or just dolled up for fun!! My other hobbies include reading scifi/fantasy novels and I'm a huge star trek fan