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I am new to the modelling industry, but as a hobby photographer - I have always been on the other side of the camera.

My favourite tattoo is my butterfly found on my back left shoulder. It’s a reminder of what I had overcome in my life to get where I am today🦋

Being Canadian, taking pictures outside in winter with fresh snow is actually quite breathtaking.

I love taking boudoir photos. As a photographer myself - it’s a moment for women to celebrate their beauty, whether it’s for or with their significant other. The intimacy that the lens captures creates more than words can ever express sometimes.

I am an accountant by trade. My side hustle is also photography as well as making custom and personalized items - I am crafty and I am entrepreneurial driven. I love trips to the gym, I’ve worked hard and have lost over 150lbs in the last 2 years, so I take pride in that. I am a novice powerlifter. And I love spending time with my two children. My kids are important to me.



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