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i got into tatto modelling after i realised that i loved ink and it was being pointed out that my tattoos would be great in photos so i gave it a go now i absolutely prefer that than regular photos !!! my favourite tattoo is my michael jackson potrait , growing up i adored michael he got me out of so many bad days so i wanted to honor him and had it done in 2020 i have many but my best is my first duo where i met some amazing girls and they advised and helped me now they inspire me i love being able to angle myself to get the perfect position to see the tattoo and expose there best but also the confidence boost it has is amazing and is such a natural feeling obviously kat Von D is the goat 🐐 of tattoos but my fave is my good friend rafeal potempa who has done all of mine and is constantly smashing the tattoo industry!! having tattoos is a personality trait alone you have a talking point so this is fantastic i am people person so i can freely talk and not feel like im boring them constantly i can imagine my art in my brain and ask a artist to create it into magic !!!


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