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My name is Arabella Black. I am a passionate expressionist and creative in both mind and body. I am internationally published. I shoot in various styles such as boudoir, fashion (alternative and unique in my style. This can be used for conceptual, artistic type shoots) art nude, erotica and fetish. I express many characters of mine during shoots. I.e. erotica and art nude - I am in touch with my earthly, feral, sensual and powerful woman side.  I am open minded, full of ideas and a friendly, fun, quirky person to be around. I have a curvy body, skinny on top, bigger on my bottom half. I adore my shape. My body directs me when I shoot. I know my body, I am free flowing aswell as being open to taking direction. I studied performance art in uni and moved this into my modelling. My hobbies are yoga, working out and gaming. I am based in Frimley, Surrey.



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