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How did you get into tattoo modelling? I used to do fitness modelling about 10 years ago. Then early this year I started to get into shape and wanted to have a focus for my training. As the weight come off my confidence improved and I started to do collab work and more and more photographers contacted me and like my look and my tattoos. Now I do it part time. What is your favorite tattoo and why? My fave is my kids name and my quote on my arm. So I always have my kids and quote to remind me of the type of person I am. Can you share a memorable experience from a photo shoot or modeling gig? I love doing a shoot in a forest and I was using an axe so much fun. What do you enjoy most about being a tattoo model? I like how I can show off my body and each shoot I want to look better and better. I only started in April so excited how I can learn and develope my skills as a model.



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