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I got into tattoo modelling after being entered into a competition in 2014 run by the Liverpool tattoo convention. I placed 2nd and loved being able to show off my ink with pride. I entered another competition in the same year and was a finalist at the Great British Tattoo show. Since then I have got into bodybuilding and have entered shows with tattooed categories. I have loved blending my passion for ink with my passion for training and building my physique. My favourite tattoo is my phoenix. This tattoo symbolised a very important moment in my life. My 2nd marriage ended in 2019 and I had to rebuild my life from scratch. This tattoo is all about the rebirth of who I am today. One memorable experience I have from a shoot was back in 2015. It was the first year I have got contest lean and the first time I have shot with abs! I had brought several outfits to the shoot but because I had lost so much weight nothing fitted so I had to do the whole shoot semi nude! I enjoy working and meeting new people, and seeing new places, this is the best part of tattoo modelling. I have met some incredible people along the way and look forward to many more experiences. My favourite artist is Sam Barber. I have never had the pleasure of being tattooed by her but I admire her work immensely. Almost every piece on my body has a story... I have tattoos to signify when I was involved in the performing arts industry, my favourite song is in there, my daughter, when I worked as a midwife and of course I have a tattoo to depict my bodybuilding journey. It is important to be to have meaning within each tattoo.



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