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I have been modelling for 6 years, since 2017


My favourite tattoo is the one on my back, I lost my dad when I was 4 years old, my name is destinee because it was his destiny and dream to have a child with my mum before he passed away, it means everything to me and I can't wait for it to be on show when I get married 


The most exciting place I have shot in is Antwerp mansion in Manchester, there are multiple different rooms available for different styles from Cinderella losing her shoe on the stairs to the red room with a swing and decapitated dolls everywhere.


My favourite style of shoot is lingerie as well as alternative, I love wearing lingerie as it helps me feel confident in myself and promotes body empowerment. I have always been chosen for alternative photoshoots due to my tattoos and piercings but I do love the look especially in a abandoned graffiti covered building 


My hobbies outside of the industry - I have 2 dogs at home which I spend most of my free time with, taking them to the beach, woodlands and playing with them, I love to explore different areas of the world and enjoying the different beauties of the different seasons, then it gets to Friday and Saturday nights and I'm dancing around the kitchen with my dogs!


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