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The first time I did my modeling job was when I was 14 years old, when I joined the Stockholm group modeling agency. Since then I have done small jobs to and from.

I have worked as a stripper and exotic dancer since the age of 18 to and from, but stopped doing it completely 4 years ago.

Favorite tattoo is the last one I made on my forearm. It's a horror film cover from an Italian film. I love movies and that tattoo turned out absolutely amazingly good and similar to the original.

I remember a lightly dressed photo session I had in a cemetery. It was a little crazy but very fun.

I love standing in front of the camera and can imagine all kinds of photo shoots styles. The most fun is probably lightly dressed with elements of darkness and cosplay.
Also boudoir and glamour.

Interests I have in my free time are training, music, singing, dancing and also standing behind the camera and editing photos and making my own art.


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