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How did you get into tattoo modelling? My very first photoshoot was for my 19th birthday, just for fun. I ended up falling in love with it instantly and started coming back to that photographer multiple times. Then, I started branching out and drove about 4 hours from home to shoot with a photographer who was interested in getting me into some magazines… It wasn’t until I saw myself on the front cover of Inkd Savage Magazine that I realized I had the potential to be a tattoo model.


What is your favourite tattoo and why? My favourite tattoo would have to be the snake on my arm/hand because it represents me shedding my skin and becoming a newer, better version of myself.


Can you share a memorable experience from a photo shoot or modelling gig? My very first modeling trip to Orlando Florida back in August of 2023 was definitely a time to remember. I am so thankful I was able to attend this event and meet the people I did. When we weren’t busy shooting we were hanging out by the pool and networking with other models and photographers. The girls actually got to stay in the mansion for the whole weekend and the hosts offered to take everyone out for dinner at a five star steakhouse at the end of it all!


What do you enjoy most about being a tattoo model? I love being able to show off my beautiful ink and tell a story through my images. I love how unique everyone’s tattoos are and I think that really sets us apart from other models.


Do you have any favorite tattoo artists? Yes! and @kiloinc_ on Instagram!


How do you express your personality and style through your tattoos? My tattoos are very special to me and there is a story behind them all. Most of them represent my life and things I have gone through and overcome over the years. They are… beautifully sweet.



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