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I've been modeling on and off since I was 16 years old. Ha dmy first cat walk and first shoots, but due to life taking different turns I stopped doing it, but have been dedicating my time and efforts to it more seriously since 2018

2. Hard to choose one because I do like all my tattoos but if I had to pick one then I would say its, the bunny tattoo I have on my hand, my tattoos don't have a specific meaning, they remind me of the times of my life where I have been, what was happening in my life then. They're like a photo album to me that hold memories.

3. In the middle of the busy Bricklane Street in London  with 100s of people walking about and me being in this skimpy dress with a small crew, taking photos, was quite exciting and funny. When all eyes are you you at that moment, hehe

4.i love fashion shoots, boudoir and just edgy shoots that show attitude!

5. I love exploring outdoors, walking honestly is something I love to do, listening to music and wondering about it absolutely amazing. I enjoy skateboarding, I love animals and my other career as a pet professional is something I absolutely love to do. If you need someone to look after your fluffy family member, I'm the gal to go to, heheh



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