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I have been modelling since I was about 17. My first ever shoot was a black swan theme and that’s where I found my confidence and love for modelling. My favourite tattoo on my body would probably be my cherubs on my head. One is an angel and the other the devil and it means the good and the bad balance in my life. My most exciting shoot would probably be when I was 18 years old at a place called red dress manor. Was an extremely cool urbex location and was my first professional shoot. My favourite style of shoot would probably be fashion but recently I have gained a lot more confidence with being in my lingerie so super excited to try this style of shoot. My hobbies outside the modelling industry are drawing, this is a big passion of mine. Makeup, I love experimenting with my eyeliner and shapes of eyebrows. Arts and crafts, I love finding little craft boxes like crochet, knitting, macrame and so on. I also love cooking.

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