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 I love being a tattoo model as I like to be able to express myself through my modelling aswell as my tattoos. They help me feel sexy , It also helps to meet other unique people with a love for art🖤 They can also encourage others to question my tattoos or love them like I do & maybe get some themselves.

I express myself through my tattoos by getting ones that mean something to me that have a story behind them, I’m very spiritual and into Buddhism so tend to get ones that represent those and that mean something even if it’s just at that time in my life. The most questioned one is the dagger I have on my chest .

My favourite tattoo has got to be my lotus tattoo down my spine as I am into Buddhism and it represents resilience which I have a lot of, rebirth, spiritual enlightenment and the path to enlightenment . I got it at a time where I felt I needed to go down a new path & im glad I did as it lead me to modelling.

My most memorable is probably standing freezing cold trying to look glamorous but sexy for you all in the middle of Brentwood high street in a lacy body stocking , with the men from the barber shop opposite cheering me on, and random people filming me in the street…. on my first shoot may I add. Don’t think I’ll ever forget that . lol I did love it though



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