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I got into modeling as a child and as I grew up my style changed drastically, and after joining the army my body had changed and I started getting heavily tattooed and I figured modeling as an adult wasn’t an option for me as I developed a more alternative look to me and felt I didn’t have that “traditional model” look but when I found alternative modeling options I started to branch out and ended up loving this side of the industry and thrived with my style. My favorite tattoo is the spider web around my nipple. It’s very 2000’s and it adds such a little pop to my chest. I once had a gig for Harley Davidson and I was body painted and I met so many people there over that week and it was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. Being able to network and express myself was amazing because it didn’t feel like work it felt like I was just hanging out with everyone. I enjoy being a part of the industry that cater to people who don’t have a traditional look to them. It’s so rewarding knowing tattoo models are just as loved as traditional models and we can all co exist within the modeling industry so well.


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