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.I started modelling pretty close to my 20th birthday. I had a lot of self esteem and body image issues, and had also wanted professional photos of myself. After my first shoot - I felt a love for myself that I had never felt before. It gave me the confidence boost I was looking for, and after the first one I just couldn’t stop!

2. I have a few favourite tattoos - the first being my left arm sleeve. I have my artist complete creative control. She came up with a beautiful lotus flower/healing crystal mix and even added my favourite animal in - a penguin. The sleeve represents healing from a traumatic past with a ‘mind over matter’ line symbolism added in. Another would be my thigh piece - as it represents my past with a girl crying, and the next thigh will represent my future. My dogs paw prints is also a note able one for me.

3. When I think memorable - I think of one photographer who had me laughing the entire shoot every time we get together. He is very French with a thick accent, and after almost every photo, he would look at it, and say ‘cool beans!’ With a massive smile on his face!

4. I love the connections I get to make. Prior to joining I’ve made a lot of amazing connections with photographers and models in my community, and I’m so excited for the connections I have yet to make from joining the group!!

5. My favourite tatto artist is by far @harvestmoonink located in Tofield AB. Most of my tattoos are done by her!

6. A lot of my tattoos are a representation of my life. Of the struggles, the hardships, and overcoming it all. Aside from my right arm - which I’ve dubbed a sticker arm, all of my tattoos mean something to me. From the hip piece an old friend had designed for me, to my dogs, thighs, and left sleeve. My sticker arm consists of snakes, tarot cards, crystals, mythical animals and more - which are all areas of interest for me.



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