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We require the following info to add you to our website please How long have you been modelling? I have been modeling since 2016 it was mainly lingerie and boudoir shoots back then. In 2018 also started producing my own nsfw content and have worked with some amazing studios as of 2023 like scoreland, lustery and boobsrealm. I'm looking forward to working with many more main players in the field. My style is goth, pin up and I'm a pvc, leather and latex lover. Tell us about the most exciting place you have shot in? This was a recent shoot I had in an empty warehouse. It was a photo event I organized myself with lots of amazing photographers of Belgium and The Netherlands. I love bringing artful people together so we had a blast making great photographs. What is your favourite style of shoot? Definitely boudoir and glamour. I love how I can express myself in lingerie and keep it edgy in every set I do. What are your hobbies outside of the modelling industry? I love writing poetry, I used to also make my own vocals for classical music and film music but I stopped doing that since it took me to places in myself I rather don't visit anymore. I hope to be able to open that door one day again and stand further away from my emotions while singing.


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