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I’ve always loved ink and I’ve always loved being centre of attention. So being an inked model is my dream come true! My friend is a photographer and managed to persuade me into doing a shoot with him to build up my personal confidence, then when I saw the photos, I was amazed! My favourite tattoo is I have a plaster tattooed on my knee and it says “I’m ok” because I’m constantly falling over and bumping into things! One of my favourite shoots I’ve ever done was about 2 years ago when we had a huge amount of snow! And me and my photographer just found some woodlands and I stripped and just left my big coat on! It did take me a while to warm back up. I love just being able to look at myself and think fuck I look good and how far I’ve come. My tattoos are the most randomest of tattoos you could think of, to a mini cow on the back of my arm, to mom in Arabic as my mom’s name is an Arabic name. I get all my tattoos done by newid they have a few branches around the West Midlands and Helen is my go to girl!


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