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I got into modelling earlier this year when I volunteered to help a videographer build up her photography portfolio and from there I just spiralled into more and more different photoshoots. My favourite tattoo is my mushroom toad hand tattoo. The simple reason is that I love frogs and toads and mushrooms 😂 I went to a beach shoot earlier this year and we brought a pop up changing tent with us, we put it up and then couldn't fold it back down again, we spent at least and hour trying and failing. So we had to walk along the beach with a very large tent that had turned into a "wind catcher" on an extremely windy day and nearly took off. I love being a tattoo model because it gives me my power and control back to feel beautiful again, I was sexually assaulted when I was 17 and I still suffer with PTSD from it now but modelling makes me feel comfortable within myself and gives me so much confidence. My favourite tattooist is Ollie cragg (olivercragg_tattoos on Instagram). All of my tattoos are of something I like, that's the reason I got it, there's only 2 tattoos that I have that have personal meaning to me, the rest are just things that make me happy and look cool


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